In order to help maximize productivity and product performance, our experienced and certified GBTS support team provides diverse solutions to our customers.

On Site Repairs & Solutions

Our professional courteous technicians would be happy to come to your business or home. For onsite support, we are pleased to offer both Regular and Emergency service or suuport. We are also available after hours for at an additional cost.

No need to disconnect all those computer or other equipment cables, load it into the car, and drop it off at a repair shop. One of our certified technicians will come right to your home or business and repair your equipment on the spot.

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Our Services

Here’s a List of services we offer!

We truly understand your challenges and know how to address them.Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information required.


Assessment Only

Need repair estimates? A report or maybe your Office equipment have not been used recently? Contact our support team for guidelines to this assess.

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting

It’s very important to have certified technicians assess or troubleshoot equipment correctly. Contact our support team for assistance.

Preventive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime on equipment can be minimized with a well-designed and executed maintenance strategy. We can help you identify and resolve problems before they can cause real damage or expense.

Design, Install & Maintain Network Infrastucture

Infrastructure options for industrial communication networks are diverse and often complex. When they don’t deliver the necessary degree of reliability, the process becomes jeopardized and unplanned downtime, or worse, can result. Most of the bad practices seen today relate to the components selected, installation practices or design.

Demonstration & Training

Do you have difficulty operating equipment or using software recently purchased? Don’t hesitate to contact us, to schedule an appointment for training.


Software Applications & Solutions

The greatest obstacle for many organizations; trying to operate with a business application that doesn’t fit your systems and processes, has become outdated, or isn’t properly performing.Contact us today for more information to help resolve those issues.

Remote Assistance & Troubleshooting

Our quick and easy remote support is available to residential and business clients. We can solve most software issues relatively quickly and no need for specific on site appointments. Please contact IT Manager for more information.

Equipment Warranty

Please contact us for any problems or queries encountered with new equipment purchased by GBTS.

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Proud to be offering services throughout the St.Lucian business community and the wider Caribbean region.

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